Some of our award-winning programs include:

Book of My Own(BOMO) turns students into published authors through exciting, hands-on creative writers’ workshop.

Programs-KEKKids Empowering Kids (KEK) – is a true celebration of the arts with students writing, producing and starring in their own music video. This two-week program empowers our students through creative writing and leadership and includes every student in their video. The program culminates in a school-wide Empowerment Assembly with the Mayor and Superintendent of Schools starring in their production.

America’s Book Shelf (ABS) – this city-wide literacy program is getting books in the “Hands, Homes and Hearts of ALL children” providing books for children who, otherwise, may not own books of their own. ABS has more than 35 bookshelves with more than 200,000 FREE Books available to ALL our children.

Kids Making a Difference (KMAD) – empowers students, through community service, projects to be change agents coming together to affect positive change for others in need.

Programs-PEEPParent Engagement and Empowerment Programs (PEEP) – “Conexiones” – a collaboration between ACPS and DreamDog provides resources and services for our Latino parents, connecting parent to child, to their children’s education, to the school community, and parent to parent; “Family Links” — a collaboration between ACPS, SCAN and DreamDog provides a Nurturing Parenting curriculum, and so much more, for our teen parents at T.C. Williams High School.

Do the Right Write Thing! – a creative writing summer program empowering students to do the “Right Thing” through daily community service and give back projects, and the “Write Thing” by daily creative writing exercises on topics covered that day through word and deed. An experience like no other!

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