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Kids Empowering Kids

“Kids Empowering Kids” (KEK) — is a true celebration of the arts with students writing, producing and starring in their own music video. Kids sending positive messages made BY kids FOR kids! This two-week program includes every student in the school and culminates with a premier of the video at a school-wide assembly.

Our programs have empowered children to be proud of who they really are, to not bully or judge others, to exercise, to stay healthy, and to care about and clean up their environment. Contact DreamDog about having us visit your school for a “Kids Empowering Kids” program and see what your students can create!

As part of our “Kids Empowering Kids” program, students at Ramsey Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia wrote, produced, and starred in this music video with their Principal, Superintendent, and Mayor. The theme for this years empowerment message is to encourage us all to stop JUDGING one another! Please pass along their message…Hope it empowers you!

Hey, Bully — leave me alone!
My school’s a No Bully Zone.
Just open your eyes and you will see
The end of bullying starts with me!

Just Be Me” New Video telling kids to be themselves. Nobody controls you. Have fun and Just Be You!

Students at Mt. Vernon Community School created these videos to encourage healthy eating habits for their family and friends. Their videos were so impressive that they won the Health Hero Award for the State of Virginia! Now that’s what I call Empowering!

These DreamDog Kids were asked to present “Earth Day Every Day” at Alexandria’s Earth Day Celebration, as well as Washington, D.C.’s Green Festival!

There’s so much you can do.
So grab your running shoes
and help us spread the news!

It’s Earth Day Every Day
and I’m helping out in my own way.
Yea, it’s Earth Day Every Day…
Come on, let me hear you say:

It’s Earth Day – Every Day!

This “Kids Empowering Kids” video called, “No Flu 4 U!”  shows DreamDog kids teaching good health habits to avoid the flu.

This “Kids Empowering Kids” video challenges kids to get off the couch — start moving, playing, dancing, having fun and getting healthy!

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