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America’s Book Shelf

What’s America’s Book Shelf?

Three years ago, the DreamDog Foundation piloted a model program in Alexandria, Virginia called the Alexandria Book Shelf (ABS). The goal was to provide constant access to high quality books for at-risk children. Gently loved books from the community were put on bookshelves where low-income children live, play, and go to school. ABS was greeted with so much enthusiasm and excitement that it evolved into a program for ALL children.

We have now expanded to other cities following our mission to share the gift of literacy with children everywhere! Click here to find out more about bringing America’s Bookshelf to your city.

How Does ABS Work?

Our Bookshelf programs makes getting books into children’s homes as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1 — Go to any ABS site, pick a book of your choice, and dive into a Reading Adventure!

2 — Keep the book as long as you would like.

3 — When you are done, bring the book back to any ABS site or share it with a friend. It’s really that easy.


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