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Book Of My Own – BOMO

In this program students explore what it means to “become.” Life transitions, bravery and courage, truth vs. lies, friendships, family love and defining ourselves are just a few of tough topics we explore through creative writing. But, for each real topic we cover, there is a goofy, fun one – creating characters, using our imaginations or bringing a childhood memory to life through a short story.

Imagine – the world is your classroom. A picnic table, fresh green grass or a rock by the Potomac is your desk. With the clouds overhead, the birds flying by, the breeze whistling through the leaves – your imagination soars and you, yes you are free to be any part of yourself you wish to be. This is the beauty of “Book of My Own,” a writing program that truly sets your soul free.

Listen to what our Student Authors have to say about BOMO:

  • I like coming to BOMO because I get to have fun with Ms. Rainey and she brings out the best in all of us and in our writing.
  • I love coming to BOMO to express myself through my writing.
  • BOMO helped me with my reading and writing. I can’t wait until our book is published and I’m a real author!

It is so incredible listening to our student authors as they metaphorically and truly “find they voice.” Their journey to find themselves through the creative writing process exemplifies the power of our “Book of My Own” program to not only build self-esteem and writing skills but also to shift the paradigm from a “have to” to a “get to” with students buying into and partnering in their own education.

Each week our “Book of My Own” workshop teaches valuable life lessons. This one emphasizes the importance of not being afraid to fail. At the beginning of our workshop, we discussed that some of the greatest discoveries in our society happened because people persevered until they succeeded: Edison tried more than 2,000 filaments before he got it right; Dr. Seuss was turned down by more than 100 agents before becoming the most beloved children’s author ever, and Steve Jobs tried countless times before creating the “i-World” we live in today. Put in perspective, their “Oops” stories were fun and funny and it made their “Epic Failures” a little easier to handle.

Imagine – Dream – Create – Believe – Become

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