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Kids Making A Difference

“Kids Making A Difference” (KMAD) — empowers students, through community service projects, to be change agents coming together to affect positive change for others in need.

“Be the Change You Wish to See in this World!” – Ghandi

Yes, but what if everyone is putting an age restriction on when you are allowed to volunteer to help make that change? Not at DreamDog Foundation. We believe that anyone can volunteer; that anyone can help change the world! So, we created KMAD – Kids Making a Difference!

Through community service give-back programs, students have the chance to see how wonderful it feels to not only step up and make a difference but also to select, run and be in charge of the projects.

Some of our KMAD programs have included:

• Making cards for our elderly neighbors letting them know we care

• Collecting blankets and treats for animals in shelters

• Writing “Poems of Hope” to victims impacted by tsunamis around the world

• Having a “Warm up for the Holidays” Drive to collect and distribute hats, mittens and scarves for children in need

To Show they Care, Students at Annandale Housing Authority wrote Gratitude Poems for their Elderly Neighbors.

Project Give Back — We packaged boxes all morning with Thanksgiving dinners for families who would not have a Thanksgiving Feast without our “Special Delivery.”

Our DreamDog boys cleaned up Four Mile Run, a tributary of the Potomac River, and hauled out more than 100 pound of trash during this KMAD project!

Contact DreamDog and we will come to your school so that your KIDS can step up and

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